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Have Question if you would want to join

 3rd TN Cavalry Company C

So you want to Join the Cavalry ?
Great !! We invite you to speak to or email our recruiting officer Lieutenant Kevin Wright, who will be more than glad to tell you about the 3rd  Tennessee Cavalry Regiment.
 One of the best ways to see if this exciting hobby is for you, is to come out to one our Re Enactments  and meet all of us and our Mounts. This is a great opportunity to see what your getting into and to just sit around the fire after a good day and swap stories and dreams of Civil War Re enacting.
In this way you get to have a small taste of the reasons we are all involved and see first hand what is in store for you when you become a member.
Now before we get to far you should know that this hobby that we all cherish starts out with a bit of expense and a little hard work. The biggest expense is just getting started after that it is not bad at all. Now various members of our company do have some loaner gear to help get the serious recruit who is diligently acquiring their gear. (Please remember the adage" Bring it back in as good or better condition than when you got it"). Now don't get overwhelmed here for most people it takes a year or two to get equipped.. The good news is that once you are equipped (providing you bought good equipment) it will last for years and years. In this hobby before you buy ask one of our senior members, this will help you buy quality equipment, and keep you from buying things you do not need.
All members (including horses) must drill with the 1 Confederate Brigade and with the 3rd Tennessee Cavalry Company  in order to participate in any of our
re enactment's. Do not worry about that . We will assist you in training your self and  or your horse to successively participate on the field and to enjoy a safe fun filled time in the service of cavalry.
But you say "I don't have a horse" that's OK too, This is a great opportunity to get around horses and people who have knowledge to pass on. Perhaps maybe one day you may have a desire to learn to ride, be a horseperson and then in turn own your own horse.

"I want to join but not sure what I want to do"
You have Four choices,
1. Join as mounted cavalry,
2. Join as Dismounted Cavalry (While you get your horse and tack and learn to ride.)
3. Join as a civilian refugee.
4. Stay Home and regret that you aren't with us.

Contact Kevin Wright 3rd Tennessee Cavalry
708-372-3834 or at cwcav3tn@Yahoo.com

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